In other words,

strength. endurance. efficiency.

Now, consider this. To face all those mighty challenges that life keeps throwing at you, what you truly need is robust health. A sound physique will always be your great forte. And you need dependable experts who can keep you delightfully fit, every single day. Every single moment.

Well, here’s where we come in.

Whether you are looking for a quick recovery from sports injuries, or seeking the most effective physiotherapy treatment for various issues, or searching for the finest fitness solutions …

You don’t have to look beyond FORTE PHYSIO.

We are a team of physiotherapy and fitness specialists adopting unique assessment techniques for holistic and superior solutions.


Lumbar Pain Management

At Forte Physio, we are committed to providing world-class rehabilitation services to achieve our lofty vision of building a healthy and a happy community.

Standing tall and spanning across a luxurious space of 1800 square feet at King Albert Park Mall, Forte Physio is truly unique with the advanced  facilities and a distinctly impressive ambience.

Why Forte Physio

We offer expert physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation to maximize your recovery and wellness, provided by experienced, postgraduate educated physiotherapists.

We recognize your time is valuable. An effective rehabilitation program will reduce the amount of time spent in therapy. A client centered team approach is set up with the referring physician/surgeon to optimise your fitness and function.

Every human is unique in their physiological and psychological profile and likely to exhibit similar problems differently. Over decades of physiotherapy experience managing simple to complex conditions at various settings, we recognize this distinctiveness which lets us offer an evidence based individually planned treatment solutions.

Our physiotherapy clinic in Singapore has private consultation rooms, a well-equipped gym, massage room and resting areas all crafted with an aesthetically pleasing ambience which we believe enhances your road to recovery and wellness. If you are looking for the best physiotherapy clinic in Singapore, you don’t have to look beyond Forte Physio. 

Forte Physio takes pride in offering treatment service with advanced therapeutic equipments as below.

DOC Feel The Difference Logo
Kinetisense Logo

Accurately capture and analyze human motion

Kinetisense Logo

Accurately capture and analyze human motion

Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT®) with Open Stide

This is better than running or climbing. It's doing them in mid-air.

Shockwave Therapy
MP 200 >>ultra<<

The next generation radial shock wave

Shockwave Therapy
MP 200 >>ultra<<

The next generation radial shock wave

Intelect® Neo Therapy System

The new standard in physical medicine modalities