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Even a minor injury could hamper the progress of a sportsperson’s career. The post-injury recovery depends largely on the quality of physiotherapy treatment rendered. The expertise of the rehabilitation team, the facilities available at the centre and genuine care will collectively make a significant difference.

Your treatment at Forte Physio will be truly unique, as your recovery process will be complemented by impeccable guidance from physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, dieticians and sports coaches. Exclusive sessions involving insights from such experts will add immensely to your sports physiotherapy.


Not all surgeons follow the same surgical procedures and techniques. Over the years, surgical procedures have kept evolving, along with the advancement of technology. The effectiveness of your post-surgical rehabilitation, to a large extent, depends on the protocol followed for the respective surgical method which was used for the surgery.

At Forte Physio, we do not follow a common rehab protocol for all surgical methods. Our specialists analyze the surgical procedure and employ the most appropriate rehabilitation protocol that will result in faster and smoother recovery.


Forte Physio is proficient in Cervical and Lumbar Pain Management to offer you effective treatment for back and neck wellness. Our therapists are highly competent professionals who have remarkable hands-on industry experience. Gain from Forte Physio’s expert treatment by Soft tissue mobilization and appropriate mobilization techniques which we adopt for your back and neck wellness.


Accurate assessment of the underlying problems and proficiency in treatment are essential for pain management. Forte Physio’s comprehensive range of cutting-edge equipment and well-equipped infrastructure are great assets that help identify the right cause of pain – be it simple or complex.

Our accomplished team of therapists has an impressive track record of perfect diagnosis and effective pain management solutions that have produced successful results.  

At Forte Physio, we are skilled in various pain management. Depending on the nature and the cause of pain, our therapists offer treatments ranging from Cryo therapy to Laser and Shockwave or Interferential Therapy, Ultrasound and TENS.


Posture and Gait analysis is very crucial, as it throws light on the precise condition and the functional status of a human body.

Forte Physio’s studio is powered with kinitisense, which enables to arrive at accurate diagnosis.


Forte Physio is your ideal destination for Fitness & Fat Loss solutions, as you can avail the services of a competent team of professionals with multi-disciplinary skills, having worked in some of the renowned international hospitals.

A comprehensive team headed by a physiotherapist includes Dieticians, occupational Therapists and motivational counsellors  guides you and get through the program and achieve maximum fat loss within the safe physiological limitations. 

Another added strength of FortePhysio is our range of advanced equipments that enables you to have a seamless workout. 

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Disorder of the nervous system involving brain, spinal & peripheral nerves, could be a traumatic experience not just for the patients but for their families too, as they could cause long term disability. These include stroke, head & spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy and Peripheral Neuropathies.

Forte Physio is the ideal choice for neurological rehabilitation. With considerable experience in this area, our neurological physiotherapists work closely with the patients and their caregivers to formulate a customized treatment plan which will help minimize the effects of impairments, elevate fitness levels and enhance the quality of life.


Vestibular ailments arise due to inner ear and balance disorders which can cause vertigo, dizziness and visual disturbances. Specialized exercises that aim at gaze and gait stabilization are the key to Vestibular Rehabilitation.

At Forte Physio, we have well-qualified therapists offering highly effective treatment for this disorder. Get benefitted from the competence our specialists who possess well over a decade’s experience in this field.


A good number of children suffer from injuries of varied nature and also from many congenital issues. A pediatric physiotherapist plays an invaluable role in helping those children regaining or achieving their maximum potential to function normally.

Forte Physio has an efficient and well trained team that offers specialized pediatric physiotherapy. 


At Forte Physio, we strive for the wellness of women. We focus on physiotherapy solutions for pre and post natal issues related to pelvic health, pelvis floor dysfunction and urinary incontinence resulting due to pregnancy and childbirth.


Participating in the activities of everyday life may not be as simple as it sounds. In a highly complex and fast-paced life, many people face physical, sensory or cognitive issues which may hamper their occupational side. Here is where Occupational Therapy comes into play.

With exceptional abilities in Occupational Therapy, our qualified therapists offer excellent treatment for patients who suffer from cognitive dysfunction, physical disability, injuries and impairment. We develop a comprehensive intervention program for smoother recovery and for restoration of meaningful functional activities.


Sedentary lifestyle, tight dressing, irregular postures while working could lead to muscle and joint stiffness. 

At Forte Physio, we wanted to provide a solution to this situation and hence we came up with what we call Forte Stretch.

Simply put, Forte Stretch as a relaxation therapy which you can avail on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your convenience. 


Regular body massage in the hands of an expert massage therapist could work wonders in creating physical and psychological wellness in an individual. Besides making you relax and rejuvenate, our certified massage therapists promote quick healing with soft tissue releases.

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